Coming into Canton from the North on I-77;exit 6th St. SW, continue straight unto 9th St. Turn right on 9th St. heading west to our hall.

Coming into Canton from the South on I-77;exit Tusc. St. West (S.R.172). At end of exit ramp turn left at light and follow Tusc. St. west to Harrison Ave. Turn left on Harrison and follow to 9th St. SW. Turn right on 9th St. and follow to our hall.

Canton Christadelphian Ecclesia
2729 9th St. SW Canton, Ohio 44710

We are pleased to welcome you to our midst! Come in' and make yourself at home for you are among friendly people who are genuinely interested in you and your well-being.
We Christadelphians are part of a world-wide association, believing that the Bible is the only true authority that reveals God's message to mankind. Since our name is long and probably strange to you, we should mention that it means "Brethren in Christ". This name was taken to distinguish us from the multitude of different religious denominations. In fact, the reason we don't join with the larger churches is that we feel they have compromised the truth of Scripture. So the Bible is our only source of what is truth.
We meet here each Sunday morning at 9:30 for Sunday School and 10:45 for Worship Service which lasts about an hour. The Worship Service includes: singing of hymns, prayers, Scripture readings, a message of exhortation and comfort, and the partaking of bread and wine in remembrance of the sacrificial death of The Lord Jesus Christ. We sincerely hope you will not be offended, but the bread and wine are reserved for our baptized members only.
You will notice that our services are conducted entirely by the membership. This is done because we believe that each member of the church shares the responsibility for its welfare
and we have deliberately chosen not to have a paid ministry. We have found that most of us will do a lot more Bible study if we have to prepare a talk than if we sit back and listen to someone else all of the time. So we have decided that this personal incentive will help people develop spiritually and that, to us, is very important.
We invite you to attend and participate in our other activities. Every Wednesday there is Bible Class at 7:00 when we meet to study some particular Scripture chapter or Bible theme. Special classes to suit your interests can be arranged. Please join us in these meetings, for if you are interested in the Bible, you will find much to learn and enjoy.
We have a lending library which we invite you to browse through. You may borrow books, pamphlets, and audio tapes on almost any Bible subject. Please help yourself to the free pamphlets in the foyer that explain the first principles of Bible truth.
Again, welcome! We're glad you are here and we look forward to getting to know you.