A Parable of Christ Christ, a True Friend The Prince of Peace A Story of Jesus Christ Christ's Return


A Parable of Christ

Israel rejected the "Chief Corner Stone"

And stumbled to their destruction

But God has reclaimed the "rejected one"

As the center of his construction

To be earth's king he was appointed

Because he was the Lord's anointed

But this same stone cut out without hands

Will grind to powder the rebellious lands

Which refuse to accept him as their king

With all the blessings he will bring

So let us all with one accord

Proclaim Christ as our living lord

And strive that we may all be there

When God fulfills our every prayer


Christ, A True Friend

Sometimes life seems sad and dreary

When heart is heavy and body weary

And no one's there to lend a hand

And no one seems to understand

How lost and lonely we may be

With no relief that we can see

But we forget we have a friend

Who'll be there with us to the end

Who lifts us from the state we're in

And fills our hearts with hope again

Reminding us that when we pray

All our cares can fade away

For fervent prayer a new hope wins

And hides a multitude of sins



The Prince of Peace

The "Prince of Peace" who was foretold

To us by ancient men of old

Who would return with power and might

With faithful saints, to lead the fight

The blessed that cometh in the name of the Lord

Brandishing his glittering two-edged sword

To turn all nations to his name

If not, they'll have to bear their shame

Like others who didn't heed the word

But acted as though they'd never heard

The prophets from old who warned them all

To repent from evil and answer the call

When His holy temple God restores

And re gathered Israel no longer ignores

The promises made to the shepherds when

God said "Peace on earth goodwill to men"


A Story of Jesus Christ

A heavenly host appeared one night

Some humble shepherds saw the sight

Good tiding of joy rang thru the night chill

Glory to God, Peace on earth and goodwill

The wise knew a king would arise

They earnestly sought for his star in the skies

They followed the star where ever it led

Found the babe in a stable, a manger his bed

They brought precious gifts of spices and gold

And worshipped the king that the prophets foretold

Jesus Christ, so long awaited

The messiah they anticipated

Was born at last in Bethlehem

Son of God and son of man

He healed the sick, gave sight to the blind

Raised the dead, turned water into wine

His miracles and teachings have all been written

He showed perfect obedience until he was smitten

For the Jews refused to acknowledge their king

They caused him great pain and suffering

He died on the cross but was raised the third day

And appeared to his disciples as the went on their way

He said the Holy Spirit would come upon them

That they'd be his witnesses unto all men

And so we wait for his return

To establish his kingdom for which we all yearn


Christ's Return

When Christ, the son of God anointed

Returns to the earth at the time appointed

Then let the earth resound with song

The darkness will be over, the long night gone

For the "Sun of Righteousness" with healing rays

Will fill the earth with joy and praise

Accompanied by every saint

Whose faith is strong and does not faint

For when our saviour comes again

He'll come as "King of Kings" to reign

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