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The Bible

The Bible is full of words and phrases

Extolling God's name and singing His praises

They exhort us to listen and to take heed

To the word of instruction we all sorely need

From the law and the prophets, the New Testament too

We're told to obey God in all that we do

The commandments and prophesies are all very clear

We must be obedient for the time is quite near

When the powers that be will all be overthrown

And Christ as our King will reign on His throne


Search the Scriptures

Search the scriptures and you will find

The answers to questions on your mind

For God through the ancient prophets did say

"Read and study everyday"

The door will open if you knock

And mysteries of old He will unlock

The more we study, the more we grow

And the knowledge gained will start to show

For all our actions will reflect

That God's great love has had effect

Upon our lives and all we do

To give us strength to see us through

So study to show thyself approved

And when trials come, we'll stand unmoved

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Charity (or Love) from 1 Corinthians 13

In his letters to the Corinthians, the apostle Paul did say

Of all the gifts you may possess, the greatest is charity

It's good if you can prophesy and understand all things

Bestow your goods to feed the poor, for all the joy if brings

For charity is long-suffering, is kind and envies not

Does not behave indecently and never is puffed up

Rejoices not in evil, but only in the truth

Forgives all men their trespasses and never gives reproof

Bears, believes and hopes all things

Endures whatever trials life brings

Faith, hope, charity, all three

But the greatest of all is charity

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A Poem based on Psalm 100

All lands praise the Lord with joyful sound

Serve God with gladness, let praises abound

Know the Lord God for He is our master

We are His people, the sheep of His pasture

Enter His courts with thanksgiving and praise

Be thankful and praise Him all of our days

For he is good, His mercy without end

And His truth will endure to all generations of men

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Love is a subject about which we've all heard

In poems and songs and God's written word

The greatest commandments are all about love

The first is to love God in heaven above

For God loved us first and is merciful and kind

And has given great gifts to all of mankind

The second is similar and tells us to show

The same kind of love to everyone we know

Because we are human, sometimes this is hard

But we must keep trying and be on guard

To keep the commandments and be loving and kind

And leave all our grudges and peeves far behind

Let the love in our hearts shine forth from within

And remember, love covers a multitude of sins

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Trust in God


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God's Saving Light


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The Kingdom of God at Christ's Return


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Will We Be Ready


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