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Did I stop along the way

To give thanks to our God today

For all the blessings I've received

And the gospel I've believed

Or have I been pre-occupied

With cares of life and human pride

Which cannot help me win the fight

Against the prince of darkest night?

But never let me cease to pray

To thank our Father every day

For all the love and joy we share

And for His endless loving care

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When day is ended and labors cease

When the world seems quiet and at peace

I like to think back on events of the day

And collect my thoughts before I pray

I pray to thank the Lord above

For all His blessings and His love

I thank Him for my life and health

More precious than all worldly wealth

I thank Him for the written word

And exhortations I have heard

I thank Him for His son, our Lord

Eternal life was his reward

For perfect obedience 'till death on the tree

Which opened the way for you and for me

I'm thankful for everything but I pray most of all

That I'll always be ready to answer the call

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A Prayer

Father we thank thee for thy love

Which comes to us from heaven above

We thank thee for thy grace and light

For thy great wisdom, power and might

We thank thee also for thy word

Which to our heart great joy conferred

And as thy holy word we read

Which tells us of thy "Promised Seed"

Whom thou will send to earth again

To rid the world of death and sin

We pray that thou will ever impart

The message of love to every heart

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A Prayer II

Father we thank thee for sunshine bright

For moon and stars that light the night

For gentle spring rains that warm the ground

Making fruits and vegetables and grass abound

We thank the for our life and health

Which is our greatest source of wealth

We thank thee for the land and sea

And all our friends and family

We thank thee for Jesus, thine own dear son

And the victory over sin that he won

But most of all we thank thee, Lord

For teaching us thy holy word

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