26 Principle
Brethren holding offices among us shall be described as "serving brethren", for the sake of preserving the family character of our assembly in harmony with the mind of Christ. The principles of qualification for serving brethren are described in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

27 Serving Brethren
The serving brethren are to be classified under two categories: (1) those requiring election by the ecclesia and (2) those appointed by the arranging brethren. The elected serving brethren are as follows: five arranging brethren (consisting of a recording brother, a finance brother and three arranging brethren), a Sunday school superintendent, and an unlimited number of presiding brethren, exhorting brethren, and lecturing brethren. All other serving positions are appointed by the arranging brethren. All serving positions, elected and appointed, are under the supervision of the arranging brethren.

28 Eligibility
No brother shall be eligible for any elected office for the first two years after his baptism or resumption of fellowship (in case his fellowship had ceased) except by the unanimous consent of the arranging brethren. Any qualified brother may be elected for any number of times who has not lost the scriptural qualifications.

29 Annual Election
An election shall be held once every year to select serving brethren for the positions named in clause 27 that require election. The election shall be completed by the first Sunday in December, following the manner prescribed by clauses 30 to 32. Notice of the election shall be given at the four Sunday morning meetings immediately preceding the last date for receiving nominations in accordance with clause 30.

30 Nominations
All nominations shall be in writing and collected by the recording brother at least fourteen days before the election lion. No brother shall be eligible for election unless he has received at least four nominations and agrees to accept the nomination. It is not necessary to nominate a brother who currently holds an elected serving position; he will be considered automatically nominated.

31 Ballot
The names of nominated brethren shall be submitted in printed form to the ecclesia for election. A majority of the total votes cast is required to elect a brother to a serving position.

32 There shall be no canvassing for voles.

33 Failed Election
In the case of a failure of election the arranging brethren shall appoint a brother to the vacant serving position, except in case three or more brethren have been nominated for one position and no one of them receives a majority of the total votes cast. In this case a run-off election shall be held within 14 days of the original election. The names of the two nominees receiving the most voles in the original election shall be placed on the ballot for the run-off election.

34 Unexpected Vacancies
If any vacancy arises among the elected serving brethren (as defined by clause 27) the arranging brethren shall nominate candidate replacements and submit their names for a ballot of the ecclesia according to clause 31.

35 Removal of Serving Brethren
Any serving brother's appointment may be canceled at any time by a ballot of the ecclesia, whereby a majority of those voting desire cancellation.

36 Any serving brother's appointment may be canceled (without any ballot of the ecclesia) by the arranging brethren if it is proven to their unanimous satisfaction that the said brother is guilty of behavior unworthy of the name of Christ.

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