37 General Duties
The arranging brethren shall arrange for the conduct of the meetings, fix speaking appointments, and decide all matters affecting the working and the welfare of the ecclesia-

38 Reversal of an Arranging Brethren Decision
Decisions of the arranging brethren shall have immediate effect, but may be reversed by the vote of the ecclesia at any business meeting or special meeting. Such reversals shall only apply in so far as the future is affected.

39 Meetings
The arranging brethren shall meet as often as necessary, preferably once a month but not less than once a quarter. All arranging meetings shall be announced beforehand to the ecclesia, except when the urgency of the business does not allow delay. All members are welcome to attend and take part in any deliberations, but not to vote in any derisions that may be taken.

40 Special Meetings
Any brother or sister desiring a special meeting of the arranging brethren shall be at liberty to convene such a meeting by handing a written request to the recording brother, signed by at least five brothers or sisters and specifying the nature of the business requiring attention. No business shall be taken up except that which is specified. (This is not to apply to cases of personal accusation, unless accusers have first taken the course prescribed in clause 13.)

41 Reports to Ecclesia
The arranging brethren shall submit to the ecclesia for confirmation or otherwise at each quarterly or special business meeting a report on their proceedings and a statement of account. Such report shall be made either by having the recording brother read the minutes or in such other way as the arranging brethren may with the approval of the ecclesia determine.

42 Appointments
The following appointments shall be made by the arranging brethren who are responsible to make sure that all appointees are properly instructed in their duties:
Doorkeepers Brethren who serve as doorkeepers and ushers at all meetings.
Musicians - Brethren and sisters to play the piano or organ at meetings.
Communion Service Attendants - Sisters who serve in rotation to prepare the bread and wine communion service for the Sunday morning meeting.
Serving Stewards - Brothers who serve in rotation to pass the bread and wine and take up the freewill offering on Sunday morning.
Registrar -  A Brother or sister who keeps attendance records.
Sunday School Teachers - Brothers arid sisters to teach classes for the Sunday school.
Building Management Committee - A brother and his assistants to provide the necessary oversight and care in the maintenance of the ecclesial hall and property.
Baptizers A brother and an assisting brother to perform baptisms.
Librarian - A brother or sister to provide library and literature ordering services for the members of the ecclesia.
Transportation Committee - Brethren and sisters to provide transportation to ecclesial functions for those who need it.
Hospitality Committee - Brethren and sisters to arrange for refreshments and meals at ecclesial functions.
First Principles Instruction Committee - Brethren and sisters to conduct classes and correspondence courses for the instruction of others on the first principles of our faith.
Visiting Committee - Brethren and sisters to communicate with those members of the ecclesia who have been absent from the Sunday morning meeting for more than one month, with a purpose to learn the cause of absence, and report to the recording brother anything which ought to be brought to the attention of the arranging brethren.
Charity and Good Works Committee - Brethren and sisters in defined areas who shall keep in touch with all members of the ecclesia in those areas to provide help and comfort in all cases of sickness and need. Any case of need shall be reported to the recording brother and shall be considered by the arranging brethren.
Lodging Committee - Brethren and sisters to organize lodging arrangements for any visitors who travel to Canton to attend ecclesial functions.
Advertising Committee - Brethren and sisters to advertise and distribute announcements of meetings, lectures, correspondence courses and ecclesial events.
Interviewing Committee - Brethren and sisters to interview applicants for baptism in accordance with clause 5.

43 Ecclesial Property
The arranging brethren shall be trustees on behalf of the ecclesia to administer all ecclesial funds and property. No investment funds or real estate shall be dispersed unless there has first been a ballot of the ecclesia in which the proposed disbursement received approval by at least two-thirds of those voting.
44 Sunday School
It is the duty of the arranging brethren to oversee the affairs of the Sunday school and give directions as required to the elected Sunday school superintendent.

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