16 Meetings and Purposes
Meetings of the ecclesia shall be held as follows:

1. Sunday
a) for the Breaking of Bread, worship, and exhortation.
b) for preaching the Gospel.
c) for arranging meetings.
2. Wednesday, unless otherwise arranged, for Bible study.
3. As required, for the conduct of any business.

17 No meetings or classes shall be formed by individual members of the ecclesia without approval of the arranging brethren.

18 Order of Sunday Meetings
Unless otherwise determined by the ecclesia at a quarterly or special meeting on the recommendation of the the arranging brethren, the following order shall be observed at
Sunday meetings -

MORNING: (1) musician plays hymn followed by a period of silence, (2) singing, (.1) reading two of the Scripture selections for the day according to The Bible Companion, (4) announcements, (5) collection, (6) prayer, (7) singing, (8) exhortation, (!)) prayer of thanksgiving for bread, (10) breaking of bread, (11) prayer of thanksgiving for wine, (12) partaking of wine, (13) singing, (II) |prayer.

AFTERNOON OR EVENING LECTURE: (I) singing, (2) prayer, (3) reading, (4) lecture, (5) singing, (6) prayer.


19 Regular Business Meetings
Meetings of the ecclesia shall be called once a quarter to which the arranging brethren shall submit a report on Him proceedings and a statement of account in accordance with clause 41. The first such meeting after the first Sunday in December shall be the annual business meeting of the ecclesia at which the annual statement of account for the ecclesial year ended on that date shall be submitted by the finance brother in accordance with clause 48. Alter this meeting any newly elected serving brethren shall take office.

20 Notice of Meetings
Notice of all regular business meetings shall be given to the ecclesia on the preceding Sunday.

21 Special Meetings
A special meeting of the ecclesia shall be convened by the recording brother only: (1) at the request of the arranging brethren, or (2) at the written request signed by five members of the ecclesia specifying the reason for which such meeting is required.

22 Notice of any special meeting shall be given to the ecclesia on the preceding Sunday, unless the arranging brethren think the business is more urgent, in which case reasonable advance notice shall be given by the recording brother to each member of the ecclesia by telephone.

23 Quorum
No business shall be transacted at any meeting of the ecclesia unless a quorum is present. One-fourth of the members of the ecclesia shall be a quorum for this purpose. If no quorum is present, the meeting shall be adjourned to a date to be decided by the arranging brethren and, if a quorum is not present on that occasion, the members present shall be a quorum.

24 Voting
At all regular and special meetings of the ecclesia, save as is otherwise provided by these rules, any question shall be determined by a majority of votes of those present.

25 No business shall be introduced for consideration by the ecclesia at any Sunday morning meeting.


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